The Fracturing Of America: A Weak Government, Complicit Media, And Radical Silicon Valley Might Have Finally Set It All Off


From The Federalist:

Wednesday marked the four-year anniversary of the Capitol Inauguration Day riots.

That day, cars were set ablaze, rioters blocked a bridge. There were well more than 200 arrests and dozens of injuries.

Violence had taken a few months to get to Washington, but the country had been watching as masked wanna-be revolutionaries terrorized the elderly and young women at Trump rallies and Republican and conservative events across the states.

America’s corporate leaders didn’t join the riots, but they might as well have. President Donald Trump and his administration weren’t like any previous administration: They were different. They were dangerous. They needed to be stopped.

So over the four years following the reintroduction of street violence to Washington, Big Tech and its friends launched a campaign of shadow-banning, suppression, and misinformation, first targeting crazy and less sympathetic elements on the fringe, before moving onto the simply helpless, and then even the powerful ones whom acceptable opinion had turned against.

What began with suppression of cynical conspiracies quickly grew into suppression of inconvenient facts. What started as shadow-banning morphed into outright banning. Independent, outsider fact-checks became arbitrary and unexplained internal decisions. Eventually, legitimate scientific and political views pushing back on COVID mandates were targeted.

As four years wrapped up, criticizing the riots and Russia hoax graduated to reporting on inconvenient primary documents that indicated corruption in the Biden family — none would be allowed. Thousands of people whose names few knew eventually became names like Alex Jones, and then became the third-largest


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