Spanish Model With Down Syndrome Shows ‘There Are No Barriers If You Have a Dream’


From The Epoch Times:

One girl from Spain is proving that anyone can make their dreams come true, even people like her who were born with Down syndrome.

Marian Avila has made a successful career as a model, despite how difficult it can be for people with Down syndrome to find a job. She is leveraging the media attention she’s received to bring awareness to the chromosomal disorder and encourage people to pursue their dreams no matter what.

As a child, Marian always dreamed of becoming a model.

(Courtesy of Ángela Ávila via Marian Avila)

Not only was she born with Down syndrome, she is only 5-foot-3. Her height alone would normally have made it a struggle to attain such a dream.

However, she was determined and completed a professional course at a modeling school in 2016. From there, she made her debut as a model at a Lina Lavin charity show in Madrid the same year.

According to Bright Side, Marian’s biggest dream was to appear on the catwalk at one of the world-famous Fashion Weeks.

(Courtesy of VÍCTOR CUCART via Marian Avila)

To her utter delight, she didn’t have to wait too long before that dream came true.

“I got a letter saying that designer Talisha White wanted me to walk as her ‘celebrity model’ at New York Fashion Week on September 8, 2018,” Marian shared on her website. “Finally, finally! I couldn’t stop crying from the emotion. I kept repeating, ‘It’s my dream, it’s my dream.’”

She added,

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