South Korean Social Media Influencer Dropped by Chinese Media Agency for ‘Insulting China’


From The Epoch Times:

A South Korean social media influencer recently came under fire for endorsing messages that Chinese netizens perceived as insulting to China mostly due to a mistranslation and was ultimately dropped from her Chinese management agency.

Hamzy, a South Korean internet content creator who hosts mukbang, also known as an eating show where people stream themselves eating large quantities of food, has a YouTube channel with over five million subscribers and videos each generating several millions of views.

YouTube allows content creators to “like” comments which then get marked with a heart, and Hamzy liked some comments left by Korean viewers that offended her Chinese fan base, reported Taiwan’s government-run Central News Agency (CNA). One of the comments that Hamzy liked claimed that kimchi, a side dish of salted fermented vegetables, belonged to South Korea.

The ownership of salted fermented vegetables is heavily disputed between China and South Korea. In late 2020, Chinese netizens clashed with Koreans on social media when the International Organization for Standardization issued a standard for pao cai, a similar fermented vegetable dish from Sichuan, China, according to a report from Reuters.

The comment that angered Chinese netizens the most, however, was one that referred to Chinese people using a word that became derogatory in translation.

The commenter said he was angry that “Chinese guys” were claiming that ssam, a Korean dish consisting of meat wrapped with leafy vegetables, was Chinese culinary culture. The mukbang host liked this comment.

Using Google Translate, the Korean word used to

Read the full report at The Epoch Times:


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