Popcorn and Inspiration: ‘The Fugitive’: Running From the Law, Following the Truth


From The Epoch Times:

PG-13 | 2h 10min| Action, Crime, Drama | 6 August 1993 (USA)

In “The Fugitive,” Harrison Ford plays convicted murderer Dr. Richard Kimble. The movie was inspired by a hit 1960s TV series of the same name and theme. The series was leaden; Ford’s version is anything but. And though he’d been working for years, this is the movie that put Tommy Lee Jones on the map.

(L–R) Joe Pantoliano, Tommy Lee Jones, and Daniel Roebuck as U.S. marshals in “The Fugitive.” (Warner Bros.)

“The Fugitive” (1993) has much in common with 2000’s “Erin Brockovich,” 2007’s “Michael Clayton,” and 2019’s “Dark Waters.” They all tell tales of major American corporations trying to cover up their underhanded foisting of cancer-causing chemicals on the unsuspecting American public. More on that later.

Not a Murderer

Wrongly convicted Dr. Kimble is determined to free himself from the charge of murdering his beloved wife, Helen (Sela Ward), by finding the mysterious one-armed man who killed her.

Ford plays Kimble as a man whose doctor-level intelligence also translates to a resourcefulness on par with a special operations soldier in SERE mode (survival, evasion, resistance, and escape).

This is an action buff’s action movie, with high tension in every scene, including the spectacular bus-train collision that offers Kimble an opportunity to escape and evade his pending death sentence.

Doctor Richard Kimble (Harrison Ford) jumping from a moving train to escape execution, in “The Fugitive.” (Warner Bros.)

Like the proverbial hellhound on his

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