Pet Owner Lost His Beloved 3-Legged Dog, Then Spots Her on Adoption Site 10 Months Later


From The Epoch Times:

Heartbroken after losing his dog, Dylan Summers, of Bourbon, Missouri, decided to open his home and his heart to another animal in need. But scouring an adoption website, he was shocked to come across a familiar face: the same three-legged pup that went missing from his yard 10 months earlier.

Athena had been hit by a car and went through surgery to amputate her tail and one hind leg. During her recovery in February 2020, she went missing from the yard. Summers was frantic; Athena was still on postoperative medication yet had disappeared without a trace.

(Courtesy of Gateway Pet Guardians)

“I searched everywhere for her and posted online but no one came forward,” Summers told news outlet KTVI-TV, adding that he was suspicious his beautiful brindle had been stolen.

Summers persisted in his search for months, but to no avail. Little did he know that Athena had ended up at the center of an Illinois police investigation.

St. Clair County Animal Control, in conjunction with the police, staged an animal cruelty rescue in December 2020 at a property. Several dogs, many in states of physical neglect, were removed from the home.

Athena was among them, standing out from the pack with surgery scars.

(Courtesy of Gateway Pet Guardians)

“The other dogs at the residence looked like they had never had [a] vet,” Illinois pet rescue Gateway Pet Guardians shared via Facebook. “Naturally, we were all puzzled as to how a dog who had costly surgeries was there with

Read the full report at The Epoch Times:


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