Legal Review Shows British Columbia Can’t Restrict Interprovincial Travel: Horgan


From The Epoch Times:

VICTORIA—The B.C. government says a review of legal options has made it clear it cannot prevent people from travelling to the province from elsewhere in Canada.

Premier John Horgan says in a statement that much of the travel that is happening between provinces is work-related and can’t be restricted.

The province had asked for a review of legal options related to restricting interprovincial travel last week in response to concerns that visitors have contributed to the spread of COVID-19 in B.C.

Horgan says the province also asked for “a better understanding of the impact of travel on transmission” of the illness.

He says B.C. can impose restrictions on people travelling for non-essential purposes if they are causing harm to the health and safety of residents.

If transmission increases due to interprovincial travel, the premier says B.C. would impose stronger restrictions on non-essential travellers, though he did not offer details on potential measures in Thursday’s statement.

Horgan said he spoke with premiers in other provinces Thursday and asked them to share messages that now is not the time for non-essential travel.

“We ask all British Columbians to stay close to home while vaccines become available. And to all Canadians outside of B.C., we look forward to your visit to our beautiful province when we can welcome you safely,” he said.

Public health officials indicate it’s most important that everyone obey health orders, wherever they are, rather than imposing mobility rules, said Horgan.

While announcing the legal review on Jan. 14, Horgan

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