In One Chinese City, Students Forced out as Schools Get Converted Into Quarantine Centers


From The Epoch Times:

As the CCP virus outbreak worsens in Xingtai city, Hebei Province in northern China, some schools have been converted into makeshift quarantine centers, where authorities usually isolate close contacts of confirmed COVID-19 patients. They are monitored for their health condition in case they develop COVID-19 symptoms.

Having run out of room in local hotels, authorities have begun using schools as isolation centers, instructing teachers and students to clear out of the space.

But in one case, a local boarding school for students aged 12 to 18 initially refused to let out students whose families were not permanent residents of the area. They were corralled into several classrooms and not allowed to leave the rooms—drawing complaints from worried parents.

Fengyi Middle School is a large private school with four dorm buildings. The total staff and student population is more than 10,000. Most of the students come from Nangong, a county-level municipality under Xingtai, and other neighboring counties.

The Epoch Times learned from parents and relatives of students at Fengyi Middle School that those who did not have residency in Nangong were made to stay on campus as authorities began placing people into isolation there on Jan. 10.

One parent confirmed that students were told to leave their dorms so that people in need of quarantine could be relocated there.

A resident of Xingtai who has a teenager relative studying at the school told the Chinese-language Epoch Times what happened.

The non-local students were placed into designated classrooms. They had to spend

Read the full report at The Epoch Times:


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