Google-Funded ‘Conservative’ Groups Tell Congress To Leave Google And Big Tech Alone


From The Federalist:

The National Taxpayers Union sent a letter to House Republicans Thursday calling on members to back off pursuit of antitrust legislation as bipartisan support for enhanced regulation might be growing on Capitol Hill.

The National Taxpayers Union spearheaded the letter, signed by 15 other groups, condemning new legislation to rein in Big Tech as antithetical to conservative values of free enterprise, never mind that the Silicon Valley tech empires have illustrated their capability to suffocate the open market on their own by amassing online monopolies.

“These companies provide valuable services to hundreds of millions of American and global consumers,” the letter reads, calling demands for new 21st-century antitrust legislation “politically-motivated efforts to tear apart successful firms simply because they’re big or for any number of other arbitrary reasons.”

The so-called conservative National Taxpayers Union, which led the effort recruiting groups to sign on, is also named on Google’s list of associations that “receive the most substantial contributions” from the California company. Several other signatories, including the Competitive Enterprise Institute, the R Street Institute, and TechFreedom, are also featured on Google’s list of supported organizations.

The letter, addressed to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and House Republicans, was confirmed to The Federalist to have been received by Colorado Rep. Ken Buck, Florida Rep. Greg Steube, and Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, all of whom sit prominently on the House subcommittee on antitrust.

In a statement to The Federalist, Buck rejected the idea that lawmakers were weaponizing the power of the legislature for


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