‘God Listens’: Grandma of 5 With Leaky, Broken Roof Has Prayers Answered, Thanks to Charity


From The Epoch Times:

After struggling to compensate for a leaking roof using kitchen pots and pans to catch drips, a Virginia grandmother, raising five children, has had her prayers answered.

Carol Johnson was using kitchen improvisations to catch rainwater during poor weather, until Pastor Tyronne Champion, director of Fauquier County nonprofit Community Touch Inc., heard her story. Champion wrote a grant proposal to Dominion Energy, and they responded by donating the necessary funds.

The collaboration resulted in a brand-new roof over the family’s heads.

Carol Johnson with three of her grandchildren. (Courtesy of Peggy Fox of Dominion Energy)

“There are not enough words to say about Tyronne, the Champions, or the church itself,” Johnson told news outlet WSET. “But I wouldn’t have any of it without him. He’s top dog.

“God listens, He answers prayers,” the grandmother continued. “They may not come when you want them, but they do come, and they may not be what you ask for. You get what you need, and He provides it.”

(Courtesy of Peggy Fox of Dominion Energy)

Dominion rep Peggy Fox posted a video on Facebook on Dec. 29, 2020, showing laborers working on Johnson’s new roof. The grandmother explained, “It used to be just the leak was over top of the sink, so it was just going in the sink. That was not a problem … but then all these others started.”

Community Touch runs two homeless shelters and a food pantry, and contributes to community outreach programs with the goal of subsidizing rent and daycare

Read the full report at The Epoch Times: https://www.theepochtimes.com/god-listens-grandma-of-5-with-leaky-broken-roof-has-prayers-answered-thanks-to-charity_3660566.html



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