Eating Close to Home: A Farmer-Cook’s Advice for Eating Locally, Wherever You Are


From The Epoch Times:

In September 2018, Andrea Bemis embarked on a life-changing journey—one that brought her closer than ever to home.

Bemis, an organic farmer, food blogger (, and cookbook author living in north central Oregon, had an epiphany earlier that year, while grabbing a can of coconut milk from her pantry: Despite a decade of farming and a long-held dedication to local, sustainable eating, she still had no idea where many of the ingredients in her kitchen came from.

Inspired to deepen her relationship with her local food system and community, she gave herself (and her thousands of blog readers and Instagram followers) a challenge: For 30 days, cook and eat using only ingredients from within a 200-mile radius of home. The experiences and lessons from her “local thirty” journey, as she called it, stuck with her long after.

Bemis shares them in her new cookbook, “Local Dirt”—along with four seasons of simple, adaptable recipes for home cooks inspired to follow along.

“Local Dirt: Seasonal Recipes for Eating Close to Home” by Andrea Bemis (Harper Wave, $32.99).

Some experiences were completely new, leading to new discoveries and friendships: milking a cow and tasting the revelation that is fresh, raw milk; butchering a pig for the first time with the help of a local pig farmer; spending a day on the open ocean reeling in 30-pound albacore with a trio of tuna fishermen.

Others took her back to her roots. Since many international ingredients were not locally available, she took

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